Eliane Kirschbaum, our founder, was diagnosed with skin cancer at 25, when she noticed what she thought was a pimple on her nose. Adult acne never sounded so good. After multiple surgeries, and more skin cancer scares, her doctor suggested that she wear sun protective clothing to try and avoid any further damage to her skin. She wasn’t sure what sun protective clothing really meant and how that was going to work out with summer approaching and her clothing getting less and less “protective”. She turned to google and found that most of the sun protective clothing consisted of athletic wear, beach wear, or seemed borderline geriatric, none of these would work for her day to day life in New York City. In the wonderful spontaneous city of NYC, Eliane ran into a friend walking home from dinner and told her about her idea. Her friend, Esther, was first shocked that Eliane who looked perfectly healthy had skin cancer, then immediately expressed her excitement for the concept and jumped on board to help make it more than just an idea and turn it into a brand. With Esther's background in fashion and Eliane's business and consulting experience, they saw a clear white space for a chic sun protective street wear and decided to launch by.Elianne.
Sun protection is not something that many young women take into account in their day to day life. Sunscreen is just not convenient, and sun protective clothing seems to be outdated. We all love how our favorite pieces makes us feel in our skin, but at by.Elianne, we are thinking about what clothing can do for our skin.  All of our designs are carefully crafted and designed to maximize your protection without compromising your style. We want you to stay undercover but still feel fresh, young and hip. We have studied the areas of the body most prone to sun exposure and kept them carefully undercover, while we let those less exposed areas show, finding the perfect compromise between protection and style. 
by.Elianne is a a sun protective fashion brand for today's health conscious generation. 
The Skin Cancer Foundation considers sun protective clothing as one of the most effective methods of sun protection. However, not all clothing offers the same level of protection. Most regular clothing provides a protection range from 5 to 10 UPF – way below the recommended values of 30 or higher. A study showed that about half of the clothing worn by people on the street is below the recommended protection level.
The capacity of clothing to protect from harmful UVR is measured by the UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The color, knit and weight of a fabric all play a role in the protection factors of the fabrics, the lighter the color or the weight of the clothing, the less the protection most fabrics will offer. 
by.Elianne offers a fashionable clothing alternative that will keep you safe all day long, no matter what color you choose to wear. We use certified fabrics that offer excellent levels of protection, so you can feel good about your fashion and your health.